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FC Masters

  FC Masters is collection of the best masters athletes in the area. A strong wolf, makes a strong pack. Some of these athletes train with us full time and others come from local gyms through out the area and on occasion other parts of the country. ¬†You probably won't find many other groups of people over 38 looking forward to their next birthday ( yeah new division!). Athletic accomplishments are the result of intelligent training and diligent effort over time, not a good weekend. The winter will ask what you did all summer. For this reason we start working now for the 2016, 2017 and 2018 open. It pays to be prepared, your goals will not just fall into your lap. We currently meet Sundays from 12-2 and some Saturdays. You do not have to be a competitive athlete nor have all the "tricks" but you should ask yourself "why am I here?" If the answer doesn't involve helping yourself and others to improve at the sport of fitness this isn't for you. These are training sessions not competitions. We don't keep score, work outs are written and modified for the development of each athlete. A coomperative environment fosters progress and a good time. The harder you work the luckier you get.