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FC Challenge Week 1 Bonus Points

Congratulations, you have made it through one week on CrossFit and healthy living.
"dammit Jim I'm a coach not a babysitter"
Please make sure to add up your points and get your completed tracking sheets turned in to a coach during Monday's WOD or email them to me at I don't want emails and tracking sheets all over the place so get it done. Failure to be timely will result is burpees and negative points.
WEEK 1 Bonus Points
Communication is key,check out our blog  = 1 Bonus point and join the facebook page +1 bonus point. If you go to the facebook page and the blog you can give yourself 2 bonus points.
We work out, eat healthy food,get our rest, sunlight and water all in the name of health and fitness. Yet if your not happy it's all rather pointless. I mean who wants to live to be 100 if it's 100 years of mediocrity and misery. February 11th is World Happy Day, yes this is me telling you about world happy day. This past Summer I had the opportunity to watch The Happy Movie and I have to say it was one of the best movies I have seen and one of the coolest experiences I had in a very eventful year. The Happy Movie will be shown on February 11th at the AMC Lennox. You can buy tickets now and if you do,you can pick up 2 bonus point, you can pick up another 3 points if you actually go. A viewing will also be at lululemon athetica- Easton Town Center on the same day,that will get you another 3 points but only if you bring someone new ( you and Friend 1 go to lulu = 3 points ,you and friend 2 go to lennox =3 pts). Paying it forward is cool.
Go to FC Blog ( Your here ) = 1 Point
Got to FC Facebook Page= 1 Point
Buy Happy Movie Tickets-= 2 Points
Total Bonus Points this week=4
Pick up another more points on February 11th when you watch the Happy Movie
View at Lennox= 3 points
View at lulu=3 points
you can get 6 points watch the movie 2x but with different people