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FC Challenge Update

“It’s not so important who starts the game but who finishes it” – John Wooden Before we get to all the bonus point options lets quickly review the basics. Get your score sheets turned in now, they are due by Wednesday. They need to be turned in at the gym, make sure your name and date are on your paper.  We don’t know who you are (no name on your paper) but if this is you write, “ I will not be a slacker” on the white board 50 X. Next time a letter is going home to Mom! The CrossFit Games Open Sectional Competitions starts Wednesday so if you haven’t registered, do it now. You will be doing the WODs anyhow and wishing you were registered so quit procrastinating and get it done. Remember registration gets you 1 pt, participation gets you 1 point.  Here’s how it’s all going to work.  Each Wednesday night at 8PM the week’s sectional WOD will be announced online. At 7:59 thousands of crossfitters worldwide will crash the internet searching for the next test to prove their elite exercising, facebook and twitter will implode, there will be worldwide silence  and disorder then the site will be back up and the debate will go on for the next few days regarding standards, standards, standards and the most efficient way to lift a light weight really, really fast ( it wont get heavy for a few weeks). We will do the announced WOD on Thursday at the gym (with a few tweaks). Then again on Saturday in a judged competition setting with a few of our friends from other gyms. If you are unable (hell and high water are in the way) to make it to the gym at 1:00 on Saturday, we will arrange to have you judged on Thursday. If you’re competing on Saturday DO NOT COME TO THE GYM ON FRIDAY. Stay home, rest, fuel up and get a little antsy (remember you play to win the game, not be the coolest kid in practice). If you just can’t take it or want to hang out we will have a get loose /mobility wod for you, everyone else will be doing a regular wod, again if your competing on Saturday don’t do the WOD its going to be long and hard and it will Fuck you up. I will put up another post on Thursday with more details. For now here is how the next few weeks will go. Open WOD 1 (12.1 technically) Saturday February 25th 1:00 PM at Fit Club, Register by signing up on the whiteboard. If you just want to watch that’s ok too, give me a heads up but no registration required. Open WOD 2 (12.2) Saturday March 2nd all day Arnold Classic – Register by sending and email to Again, you need to register ahead of time so do it now. It’s a good time (we hide from the swollen, orange turbo laxative sales people) and the Olympic trials for Oly Lifting is there so show up, have a good time and learn something. If you register to help at either the oly meet (talk to Dill) or the CrossFit competition (email you will get 1 bonus point.