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FC Challenge Test Out info

The FC Challenge Test Out Event will be Saturday April 6th. We will run the event from 8 -2 PM. The first heat of Medical/Health Testing will begin with 6 people at 8AM with a new six people beginning testing every 20 minutes. The first heat of Performance testing will begin with group one back squatting in the Olympic lifting Area at 8:30 AM. Group two will squat at 8:50 and so on. Group one will begin the WOD in the Rig Area at 9 AM, Group two at 9:10 and so on. After pictures will take place in the back warehouse either before or after you scheduled test out time. All athletes must be preregister for their group/heat assignments. Give your group/heat preferences(1st ,2nd & 3rd choice) to your coach. Your coach will forward your  choice to Chelsea and she will confirm times. All group/heat assignments are first come first serve. If you cannot make the scheduled test out event you will need to schedule a separate time to test out with your coach. Any medical testing done outside of the test out event must be approved by me. You will be assigned a Kroger location to get the test done. In order to be considered for prizes all points and test out scores must be received by 8 AM Monday April 8th. Any information submitted after that time will not be considered for prizes but you can have a ribbon. Friday April 12th at 7 PM we will announce all winners and have a celebration. This will not even closely resemble anything Paleo.