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“You win with people” – Woody Hayes

I think that quote sums the day up best. CrossFit is about work capacity across broad time and modal domains; constantly varied functional movement at high intensity but more importantly it’s about people. Really awesome people that don’t accept being OK but strive to be the best and help each other do the same. I would like to sincerely thank everyone that was part of this year’s event. I’ve been making a list for 2 days in hopes of not forgetting anyone so here’s a shot. Thank you: Rogue Fitness, Bill, Caity, Kris and the whole crew for making and supplying the best equipment on the planet and for generously making it possible to put a pull up rig in the middle of the arena district. lululemon athletica Easton town center, for the great prizes and support, you guys are awesome. Columbus Recreation and Parks for a great venue and all the last minute work to make it happen, Carmic Mojo, LLC (Toby) for the truck once again no truck no gear, Rigby’s for amazing food, EAS for the Myoplex, Ted’s Montana Grill  (who gives raw meat for a prize, we do) Boston’s and the Arena District Athletic Club for the kind use of the facilities, Donchatz, Law, thanks for being a great attorney and friend, Zach Graves for the sound system and Cathleen for putting it all together, Nationwide arena Christmas lights for the power, the Columbus Fire dept for a prompt response and control of the building fire we started with our power issue ( yes that was us) , Make Believe Monsters for the awesome t-shirts and service, the Matzinger Family for the spirit of the games award, Now for some individuals. Dad for running the scoring table, putting up with crazy bloody handed people telling you they got more double unders than their score reflects but most importantly for teaching me that hard work = dreams, Kim for the pictures, pushing this crazy idea and everything, Rachael  for doing what needed done before we knew it needed done, and reminding us that though we may be sore and tired we aren’t pregnant so suck it up. Megan and Jordan for all the help with the standings, white board and anything else that came your way, you guys are rock stars. Matt for setting a new standard for intern bad assery, Sarvas for all the sweet video, demonic sound track and t-shirt design. Kristen for all the marketing support, Kipp for the web design  (and bringing home the gold), Jim & Shellie for the tents (and more hardware), Gregg, Joe, Jeff and the whole set up crew. Thank you to all the athletes, volunteers and spectators, with out your training passion and enthusiasm this never would have happened thank you for setting the standard for Rule #1, Be cool. Thank you, cant wait to do it again next year! Mitch