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Do you know what a Hero WOD is?

I had to explain this latley.  People do CrossFit for any number of reasons. Many of them use it to prepare them for service.  Some of them lose their life in the service of this country. We honor their life and service by doing a really hard work out. Often we get together afterward and relax. Those sound scary? Yup. For many CrossFitters the Hero WODs are one of the first WODs we remember.  Fitting I think. You come to the gym to give it everything you have to better prepare yourself for life.  The Heroes are fun, mostly because when you are done you know you have really done something. Mix that in with a great group of people sharing in the struggle and you have one of  the coolest elements of the group experience. There are as many ways to go about Murph. Just remember how you go about it is more important than how much you do. It's not as important that you do it this way or that way as you do it all the way. Here are a few options, all should be performed with maximum effort.
Run 800m Run 1 Mile Run 1 Mile Run 1 Mile
15 rds 100- Pull Ups 20 Rounds 20 Rounds
3-Pull Ups 200- Push Ups 5- Pull Ups 5- Pull Ups
6-Push Ups 300- Air Squats 10- Push Ups 10- Push Ups
9-Air Squats Run 1 Mile 15 - Air Squats 15 - Air Squats
Run 800m
Do not partition reps. Finish chipper style.
Run 1 Mile Run 1 Mile
Wear a 20# Vest Wear a 50# Ruck