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Do the harder right rather than the easier wrong

Practice doesn't make perfect, it makes permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect. Perfect is a pretty high standard and for a lot of things it's a stupid concept. When it comes to lifting a barbell it is also a pretty ridiculous standard but taking the time to dedicate some focus on refining your technique in the olympic lifts and all the associated positions can have a really big carry over to your fitness. We'll be spending some time working on pausing in the hang position. The hang and pausing makes the lift harder but thats not why we are doing it. The more time you spend holding perfect position in the hang at the knee and mid thigh the more strength and awareness you will develop in that position. Whether it is one rep or 30 hitting these positions ┬áduring the lift will make all the difference in making a heavy lift or cycling through a few more efficiently. That means lifting safer, heavier weights, faster times and healthier boobs. Fuck breast cancer!