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December 9th, 2015

Suck it up buttercup. You are sore, it's been heavy and high volume and you are sore. You're legs and shoulders are a bit sore and have done some work. You will be ok because you have a few options. A. Show up, communicate with the coach, we will warm you up and do what needs to be done whether it is on the board or not. or B. Take a rest day, you're body is telling you something. If you were at the gym Monday and Tuesday it is ok to take a day off. Just don't use these blog posts to cherry pick. They are here to educate on why and what we are doing. Big nasty heroism WODs are great but they tend to put a kink in the rest of the week. Aside from the Hanukah WOD we are squatting a lot now in prep for the Open. Even if you don't plan on competing in it we will be doing some prep for it ( or modifying toward your other goals). Those of you that do plan on competing in the Open please talk to me or another coach about what you can do in addition to regular class to meet your goals, I think we can figure something out