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December 17th, 2015

DAQ-"Is Thursday always rowing" Answer- "No, but it is today" We have been doing a lot of rowing on Thursdays, great for some maybe boring for others but good for all. If you follow our programming you can tell it isn't random. The majority of our skill and heavy work now takes place Sunday/Monday through Wednesday. Thursday is an active or total rest day then we pick it back up Friday and Saturday. Setting a specific time each week to work on a skill, in this case rowing, is a great way to organize it and make sure it gets done. Rowing is an important skill, a little bit can go a long way in a WOD and whether you are looking to do some active recovery or open up the lungs this WOD has as much as you can make of it. Here are some pacing recommendations. Set 1 the 250s- rounds 1 & 2 go out at about 80%, you can base this off of feel or do some math with your best time. Example best 250 is :50. 80% would be :60 or a 2min/500m pace. On Rounds 3& 4 open it up and see how fast you can go. You will rest in between rounds as long as it takes for you to switch with your partner. Set 2 the 500s. follow the same pacing strategy. Here is some more math PR 500m= 1:45. 80% would be a 2:06/500m pace. As with the first set rest while your partner rows. The rest is liberal so make the most of you turn on the erg.