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December 16th, 2015

11.1,14.1, 16.1? This was the first WOD ever posted for the CrossFit Games Worldwide Open. It's light and fast but damn those double unders. For many DUs are one of the most frustrating movements in CrossFit. The good news is aside from push ups they are about the simplest to get better at but if you wait until they come up in the WOD or even worse once they come up in the Open you will not get them. Double Unders require consistent practice not endless hours but consistent , fresh practice. You can buy a rope here or here. There are probably a million other places that will sell you a magic rope that will gain you access to the double unders and CRossFit Elitedom but none of it will matter if you don't dedicate some time everyday to practicing them. You don't always have to try doubles. Too many times we see athletes get double unders but they do it in a way ( hissing cobra,tuck jumps) that has a low ceiling. Instead focus on relaxed ,stable body position and popping up and down through your ankles. As you get a good consistent rhythm down with singles start picking up the speed and adding in DUs. Now start striving for bigger more relaxed chunks. 30-40 should be doable with out jacking your heart rate up too bad. Once you get DU's mastered move on to  Triple Unders, same rules just faster rope speed . I know, I know thats ridiculous, just like double unders used to be.