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December 15th, 2015

Benchmark Day. Diane is a classic CrossFit .com WOD. Mix a weighted movement and some gymnastics in a few different directions and add some reps. For a more advanced version try a deficit HSPU and a heavier deadlift ( 60-70% 1 rm).  For a less advanced version sub push ups for HSPU. The HSPU is a great test of strength, balance and coordination. What it is not is a test of neck strength. For testing purposes kipping is ok but for the most part if you can't do them strict you shouldn't be kipping to begin with, your neck isn't designed to absorb the force of you landing on your head repeatedly for the sake of exercise. If you don't possess the pressing strength to press out of the bottom lets sub with push ups and work on our hand stands after the WOD. If balance and position is your main issue lets double the reps with push ups and work on our hand stands after the WOD.   My point is skills are best developed outside of a WOD so please be willing to put in a little extra to work on your deficiencies so you can continue to get better over time. Yes we work on them in class but the skills are many and a little extra never hurt anyone.