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December 14th, 2015

Here is an adaptation of a WOD posted on .com a few weeks ago. Here are a few of the adaptations and reasons and some ideas how you can do the same. Sometimes it's great to test yourself against a written standard and other most times it is important to stay focused on your own progress regardless of how it measures to a test.  Remembers we are all unique special snowflakes just like everyone else. Dumbbell Power Snatches and Overhead Squats- These are really great movements. The power snatch test raw strength and power and the overhead squat is a great test of midline stability and mobility and gets us out of the same plane of motion. >com is big on one Rx weight for both women and men. This tends to slow things down for all but the strongest women or speed them up for the weakest men ( all perspective) and we don't have a lot of 55 pound DBs so lets just do 50s for Rx Men and 35s for Rx Women. Elite competitors can either tape a few 2s or 5s to a 50 or jump up to 70 pounds and see if you can continue to move at a crisp unbroken pace. L-Pull Ups- We modified these for two reason the obvious one being most of you can't do L pull ups at a pace worth using in a met con and the second being the rig won't be installed for a week. Yes you heard that correctly. It looks like we will have a new rig for Christmas. More details to follow for now back to rope climbs. For most 3 pulls gets you to the top. lets multiply that by 3 and call it a day at 9 Pulls. while you are using your legs they tax you a little differently than a regular pull up. There you have it now even though on the board this is written with 50 and 35 pounds and rope climbs it is really just a scaled modified adjusted version of another WOD.  You may be tempted to do the .com wod as written and that is cool but don't under estimate the value of being a special snowflake. We wouldn't have it any other way