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Day One- Anarchy is the only slight glimmer of hope. -Mick Jagger

I woke this morning to eerie silence.  I went out to the garden to pick some vegetables for an omelette (I’ve really taken a liking to this paleo diet), and didn’t hear the regular buzz of people waking up and getting ready for work.  Even the streets were dead as I drove into work.  Is today a holiday I didn’t know about?  As I drove downtown, I saw a lot of accidents had happened overnight. Many cars were on the side of the road with doors open.  zombies As I approached the office, a bum started stumbling towards me.  He even tried to bite me.  I felt awful about it, but I gave him a quick jab and ran the last 200m to the office building.  I was very glad I had taken those Jeet Kune Do lessons and had been running my ass off at the gym.  Talk about real life training, I never thought all this fitness would come in handy. The office building was closed so I sprinted back to my car and drove home.  What’s wrong with the world today?  I certainly hope the rest of the week will get better.  I can’t wait for Friday already. - James