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Day 2-It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory. W. Edwards Deming

The emergency broadcast system was playing all day yesterday and all night.  It seems that Monsanto’s genetically altered grains have killed people eating them.  These poor sods now are walking the earth as shells, mindlessly attacking any form of living meat they can get their hands on, primarily living people.  I’m thankful I’d been eating so well and taking care of my body.  If I hadn’t been eating Paleo and avoiding grains, I’d be among the dead. I found a few other people hiding out in a warehouse near the park.  We’ve set it up and can barricade ourselves in to keep the dead out.  Survival has been tough.  We will have to forage for food wherever we can.  Today, when I was picking up supplies from the loading dock of the local store, I had to drop down to the ground, roll under the door and get back to my feet before that zombie could get to me.  Who knew there was a real-life reason to work on burpees.  I used to hate them, but I’ve decided to do them more often just to stay alive. We also found a radio and managed to get a call out to a group of soldiers at a base nearby.  They told us they’ve got a few other scattered encampments they’re trying to clear out and to hold out until Friday when they can get to us. - Jameszombie-51