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dat ass and dem scaps doe

Pull ups, squats and choices. With the pull ups you can choose strict or chest to bar. What should I do? One or the other. If you are capable of doing chest to bars at this volume do them. If not do strict pull ups. If that means you have to grab a band to finish then do it. It's time to focus more on getting stronger with strict movements. Kipping pull ups are great for dynamic pulling power but you cannot ( or at least shouldn't) fire a cannon from a canoe. Spend some time ( this is now) on developing some strict gymnastics strength. Kipping is a skill, it is a lot easier to develop with the proper base of strength. A few of the other coaches and I were sitting in the warm up area at the CrossFit games and observing how the different athletes moved. Not while working out or warming up but just moving -how they stand, sit, bend ,flex, carry. You could pick out the dancers, gymnasts, runners and sprinters. But amongst all the different athletes two things stood out. If you want to be really good at applying force and moving large loads quickly ( and at a ridiculously high volume) you better have an ass and dem scaps. More on the ass later but to a man/woman every athlete in the area had jacked scaps and they didn't get them with kipping.  Whole story there is a lot of work that goes into it but for most simply focusing on strict pulling and some shoulder durability work will probably do more to improve your upper body gymnastics that anything else. Strict doesn't just mean no kipping it means having your entire midline engaged while gripping the bar and pulling. It's hard at first but it's a skill you will learn it, but you have to practice it.