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CrossFit Games Regional Event 3

I like more than I don't like about this WOD but what I don't like I really don't like. The run - this will go fast, if you can move at a 8 minute pace go for it. If not think about cutting back on the run or some of the other work. Overhead Squat- Pick a set grouping and stick with it. This isn't a big load on the legs but if/when you start getting out of position 1 reps will equal 5-10 on the shoulders. Once again break before broken. GHD Sit Ups- Not many people really need to do 100 for time. You are likely one of these people. How bout we just do 100 Ab Mat Sit ups. Jump Rope- Yup thats all it is. put on your pee pants and let it rip. SDLHP -  I have dedicated more than my fair share of time to the upright row. It is great to developed jacked delts. The sumo deadlift is also awesome at developing strength in the hips and back and the power clean is one of the best barbell exercises for developing and expressing power. Mixing them all up does not make any of them awesome.  The SDLHP will not rip your arms off If you are a competitor or posses the mobility to do 50 reps fluidly go for it. If not the power clean  or swing are great adjustments. Box Jump Overs- Jump,step down, repeat. Stuff like this is great after a long WOD because they are simple and really force you to push and squeeze out what's left Have fun!