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If you had one minute to move as much weight as possible you would probably do some sort of deadlift. In this WOD that sort is with some heavy dumbbells and a burpee. The dumbbells start off on the ground, get deadlifted to full hip extension then put back on the ground for a push up- thats one rep. Next jump to the pull up bar for seven strict pull ups. Your grip may be pronated or supinated. The rep starts with arms and shoulders in full extension ( biceps by ears) and end with the chin above the plane of the bar.  Ten strict pull ups is a good goal for everyone. If you don't have strict pull ups here are some scaling options. A) do as many as possible and finish the set with kipping then spend some time after the WOD working on pull-up strength B) 7-Banded Strict pull ups then spend some time after the WOD working on pull-up strength C) Ring Rows, then spend some time after the WOD working on pull-up strength. There probably isn't a simper skill that stumps really fit people more than double under.  There are definitely harder skills to master but they generally require a high level of fitness to master. Despite what you are thinking double under aren't one of them.  They require a simple rhythm with the wrist and some coordinated jumping. If you have them move on and go shopping for a new rope or magic shoes. If not read the following sentence very closely. You suck because you are lazy at them. It's ok we have all been there but its time to quit worrying about any other skills and learn to jump fucking rope.  Grab a rope ,set a clock and just fucking practice. There are dozens of little tips but none of them matter unless you consistently practice. The truth is you can know them all and not get them. You can also fuck everyone of them up and viola, double unders! DU's are a simple rhythm you learn with repeated practice. Now go practice the open is in a week and they are going to ask you to jump rope.  If you don't know how ask a coach.