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Consistency is what counts; you have to be able to do things over and over again. - Hank Aaron

This one should go light and fast. You will hit a bit of a wall ( no pun intended ) in the beginning with your first set of wallballs. Pick a strategy to get through them as fast as possible. My suggestion would be to try and get a big chunk out of the way first. Don't go until failure, stop with a little left in the tank, take a short break and get back at it. This is an AMRAP so regardless of your double under abilities stick with them. The Swings are to a competitive overhead ( American) standard. As always if you can't get it overhead with out over arching your back keep it to eye level. Knees to Elbows sound pretty simple but actually can be a bit complicated. When you do them correctly ( knees touching elbows) it takes a more effort in your upper back and lower abs to get the job done. Often times when tired or just not strong enough people just flex their hip and touch their triceps. This has some value but doesn't quite get at developing the position we are working on. Even if the knees don't touch the elbows pulling with the upper back and contracting all the abs will better translate to other gymnastic skills. Got Questions? The best place to answer them is in class. See you soon.