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Coaches Notes Takeover

Meet Audrey Rush. Audrey has been with Fit Club for a year. She trains bright and early most mornings at 5 AM. Audrey has a quick wit and very interesting commentary on our daily sessions. This week we are going to take a little break from the daily strategy advice and let Audrey drive the bus for a bit. Enjoy Tell me a bit about yourself outside of FC.
          Well,  I work in Consumer Insights by day and at night, during weekends, and most postal holidays I am heavily involved in the Columbus theatre community.  I'm an ensemble member with MadLab Theatre, a new-works company where I act, direct, and write, and in 2015 I started my own theatre company because if there's two things I love, they're a) attention and b) power and if there are two things I hate they're apparently a) sleep and b) having time to call my mother.
When did you start? What were your goals?
          I joined this cult via the Troupe 11 Bootcamp in June of 2015 with the intention of just "slimming down" (my concept of muscle mass was underdeveloped.  Ha.  Fitness pun.).  I wanted to be considered for a wider range of roles and- I say this without shame- I wanted to get hotter for a dude.   Judge not.  You've done it too and anyone who says they haven't is a goddamn liar or Hugh Jackman.
If you have them, what are some stats (weight lost, etc)?
        Since the start of Bootcamp in June (I joined FC proper in August)  I've lost 42 lbs. of fat, gone down 4 dress sizes, put on some serious muscle, and picked up a pass time of laying on my bed with one leg extended upright poking at my quads.  I went from struggling to keep balance while squatting a bare bar to front squatting 165 lbs. and there are other impressive number jumps that have happened but to be honest-  I kinda forget what some of my old struggles were.  So I've either grown as a person or have early-onset dementia.  Time will tell.  Banana.
How has Crossfit/FC improved your already fabulous life?
      Real talk though- except for those of you in the medical field, how many of you get to avidly discuss your bodily functions, physical (and hell, sometimes emotional, too) feelings, and growth with people that aren't your cat on a daily basis?  That.  I spend my whole daily solving other people's problems and listening to other people's complaints and at night I work an additional 4-5 hours a day entertaining other people.  Fit Club is where I go and focus entirely on me and improving myself and there's a room full of people not only doing the same thing, but getting SUPER FUCKING JAZZED about me and my progress.  You know where else you get that kind of experience?  Kindergarten.  You have not had this much personal growth encouragement since kindergarten.  Sip on that.
Fave WOD?
    Either Annie or any bar complex.  I have to modify the double unders for Annie but I really dig any cardio that doesn't involve running or kneeing my own tits.
Least Fave WOD?
    Is there one that's Running, Thrusters, and Burpee over Bars? That.  That's the triad of things I can physically do without scaling but never want to do ever.
Fave Mitchism/Mitch advice?
    "Did you try?"....  This burns me the fuck up.  Because the answer is always 'I mean... apparently not...' and then I go and do the thing I literally just said I couldn't do but I look like an asshole for ever complaining about it.  Jerk.
Any nuggets of wisdom to share?
If you're still able to hold in that fart, then you have not truly reached your new PR.  Without this gauge, I never would have pushed myself.  My new Clean is 135 lbs. *bows*