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Bottoms up

Pause front squat and bottom to bottom FS- we tested these with a group of masters over the summer and had very favorable results. For the pause FS set up as usual but hold in the bottom position for a 3 second count, then rise. We will be doing sets of three , use a weight that you can maintain perfect position in. If you already have good position in front squats you can try the bottom to bottom version. You start off with the weight racked in the bottom. It takes a bit to get in position but we want to get into a perfect position then rise, lower slowly back to rack and repeat Dips are the squat of the upper body. The dip involves all the pushing muscles of the upper body and when performed correctly they also work the pulling muscles of the back. Start off making sure you can hold a top dip position with thumbs pointing out. If you can't do this for :30 this is where you stay. Move on to lowering, focus on pulling yourself down to the bottom position, drive through the heel of your hand to a lock out. We'll be pairing the dips with a lovely toes to bar. Barbells for Boobs is in October. It's a fun event for a good cause. You should do it. We'll be spending sometime with different skills and drills aimed at helping you meet the task and improve old times. Todays WOD is an example. Grace does not involve squat cleans but you know train hard,play easy,constantly varied,squat,etc... The work periods are max effort with double the rest afterward. This is meant for you to go all out and see what you can do. Knowing these numbers can be helpful with future programming and pacing. You will also notice three different weights for the WOD. We are going to start handicapping/prescaling our daily WODs. Some may still need to scale further or a bit differently. Thats ok, consult a coach for best direction. In the months to come we will be evaluating all athletes skills and abilities. We will use this to continue to provide the best programming to our athletes.  We will explain more as it develops but for now just choose your own adventure relative to the weight and put your weight next to your name on the whiteboard.