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Bench press day

Football season is coming and that means were gonna bench bro. That's not really the reason the bench press is great at developing strict pressing strength for lives activities be they throwing stiff arms or absorbing impact on a fall. i wouldn't prioritize it over over head movements but it has a valuable place all the same. You cannot reach your potential as a presser with out being a good puller. ¬†Following all the pressing sets we will work on strict ring rows and Muscle Up transitions. Beginners work on strict false grip ring rows. Pull your pinkies to your ribs. Aim for 5 sets of 15. When you can perform sets of 15 reps on the ring row you can move on to strict muscle up progressions. Intermediate and Advanced athletes will work on strict muscle up progressions. Your goal is to do 15 reps with your feet at the same height as your hands/rings. This is a pretty difficult so start off with your feet on the floor. Even if you have consistent muscle ups work on the transition. Pulling from a different angle is very beneficial and you will be able to do higher reps ( 10-15). If you can do 10 strict high ring muscle ups you can work super slow muscle ups. Overhead Squats and Ring dips finish out the shoulder buffet. Make sure you move fast and with good position during the overhead squat, scale accordingly. Ring dips at this volume can be difficult. Finish with the thumbs pointing out. If that is not possible first scale the total reps them scale to ring push ups or bar dips.