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'Member that time we did 20 min of Double Curtis Ps around the block downtown? This is like that, only JUST THE LUNGES. RG1 This is going to be interesting. Strategy  will be a little different for everyone but everyone needs to have a plan to pace it. Logistically this is going to be interesting. No worries the 6AM crew is the most efficient collective unit of exercisers on the planet. This will will all be figured out by 7:15. Be ready to sign up for heat times starting every 30 minutes in the evening. Early morning classes will be able to warm up as a class and then WOD. In general I like the WOD. Very rarely do life and sports happen on one leg. Lunges are a great way to get a lot of work out of each leg with out using a lot of weight and the pull ups and burpees will get the heart rate up and make your shoulders a little saucy but that just CrossFit. I'm not the biggest fan of the set up but I'm confident we'll figure it out with out too many issues This is going to be fun, you are prepared!