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All art is a struggle to be, in a particular sort of way, virtuous. - Iris Murdoch

Rather than the sloppy shoot through we usually see in a wod these do not require the push up or dip. Let's keep the focus on having a stable midline and challenging the support and L body position with movement. If you can't maintain good position we don't need to make things worse by trying to move. We'll handle the scaling by prioritizing the position first, then figuring out ways to challenge that. This may not fit nicely into a rep scheme, that's ok. Sloppy movement isn't. If you cannot do an L-Sit we will have you on boxes and may even go to hollow rocks or sit ups. Deficit handstand push ups are another challenge but as we increased our ROM standards people have really improved. So welcome to the new standard. For strength we will be working on Deadlifts and OHS ,let the shoe quandary begin.