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A man may imagine things that are false, but he can only understand things that are true, for if the things be false, the apprehension of them is not understanding. Isaac Newton

"you aren't Doing crossfit becAuse you're scaling everything and not getting a good crossFit workout" " you shouldn't even go to the gym if you are is going to scale the movements." Sounds pretty stupid huh. Do you know why? Because it is. These are some of the things other athletes and coaches hear when a water cooler conversation turns to fitness. It's as dumb when you hear it as when you read it since neither the crossfitter nor expert ( or cf coach) could really tell you all that CrossFit is. The standard corporate CrossFit definition is constantly varied functional movement at intensity. What is and what isn't CF can get to be an exhausting debate but regardless of the points you argue or work outs you argue over whether you do them as written or modified/scaled/progressed/transmogrified/tweaked/reorganized/revised/mutated  or bastardized it is all training and the point of any of it regardless of what is written on the board or chastised at the water cooler is to make you better at your life. If you're doing it with a good honest ,hard effort you are doing it right. Even if you have less than stellar form ( you are allowed to make mistakes just don't try to repeat them) even if it isn't the perfect timing or sets, even if you are out of shape/last/first/unable to count reps or read a clock. I am not saying  poor mechanics are ok. You should take your time and some coaching and learn to perform any movement as safely and effectively  as possible. Just don't treat a work out like your sitting on plastic covered furniture at your grandmas. Use it to challenge and learn something about yourself. Life is a pretty long time work hard, get messy and have some fun. In the long haul that will be far more beneficial than the "right" thing.