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A great accomplishment shouldn't be the end of the road, just the starting point for the next leap forward. - Harvey Mackay

Congratulations on finishing another CrossFit Games Open competition! All the work for the 2016 open is done but there is still time for scores to be validated. As of the time of this post congratulations are in order. Shellie Edington -Masters 50-54 yrs -First in the Region and Eighth in the world Beth Bennett - Masters 40-44yrs ¬†15th in the Region 157th in the world Shellie and Beth will move onto to the masters qualifier¬†after that the top 20 athletes in each division move onto the CrossFit Games in July. Now about todays WOD, five rounds or 3minute AMRAPs followed by 3 minutes rest. heavy swings, pull ups and box tall jumps. Pick the loading,skill and height that makes it hardest to finish in the 3 minutes. You should be able to get through the pull ups but not finishing the box jumps is OK. If you make it out of the box jumps at max height thats great, a select few can go higher but most would benefit from a bit more time to fight to get through the swings. This is a sprint drill so don't try to figure out how to break it up.