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Without a struggle, there can be no progress. Frederick Douglass

What's the women's weight? If you look through and you'll notice outside of competition the WODs do not have a "women's" Rx. Take the fittest males and the fittest females and in general the women are 60-70% as strong as the men. Apply or scale this to the averagest men and women in every gym and the same percentages seem to hold true. We follow this as a guide when we create a WOD for class or competition. Sometimes we create the WOD and scale it up and sometimes down. The loads and skills are chosen to elicit the desired challenge or response. CrossFit takes the position that they Rx fitness not gender and while many times women need to modify weights a consistent standard has pushed men's and women's fitness to levels that are pretty amazing. When a lot of people seem to be worried about which bathroom people can use it's pretty cool to be part of something that has always been more about what you can do as you, rather than what you "should" be doing. Hero and competition WOD are programmed for the fittest athletes in the game. Todays Rxed  weight and height are about 65% of their max abilities maybe less for some. Aim to finish under 25 minutes. if you want to give the Rxed weight a crack have at it , if you are going to scale us the above as a guide.