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Row, row ,row your barbell

If you google barbell rows most of what you find is shit. This is frustrating as this is truly a great movement for just about any application.  This was a very popular movement about 20-30 years ago and as machines moved in that did "the same" thing  and peoples midline and back got weaker the movement died down. Barbell rows are a great overall strength developer but don't play out so well in a WOD. If you have a lot of experience with it you can maintain the proper back angle but most people end up drifting up and it looks more like a a leaning high pull. We have been using the dumbbell version very successfully during our strength work and not we are going to shift toward the barbell and use the dumbbells for our pressing. Focus on pulling through the pinky part of your hand. Your back should be as close to parallel with the floor as you can get. Once you get your back set it doesn't drift up as you pull. This may seem a little non crossfit to not use the whole body to move the bar and to a certain extent that is true but who cares how you classify it this is a solid lift that yields results. Your arms and back pull the bar while the rest of your body stays tight and keep you in position. This is a great lift and atone that says they train with barbells you be proficient with it as much as they are with the snatch or clean and jerk.