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Snatch , Snatch , Snatch!

This Saturday and Sunday September 12 & 13 we will host the Ohio Weightlifting Championships. You will get to see FC athletes from 10-50 give their best on the platform. You will also see some of the best lifter in the state lift some pretty impressive weights. Today we are also going to be doing some max snatching but under slightly different circumstances. You have 3 minutes to row 500 meters. With the time you have left you will perform 1 snatch as heavy as possible. once the row is completed you can have as many attempts as you like to post a lift.Your score is the total of your best lift during each round. Beginners should row as far as possible in the first 2 minute then collect your self and perform one good lift at about the 2:45 mark. Stay with weights you know you can lift. Intermediate athletes should follow the same instruction but finish the row even if you go a little over. Aim to lift a heavier load each attempt. Advanced athletes push for your best row time and push for consistently heavier weights. You can also perform the work out for 15 minutes or five rounds.