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StoneRowPress Over the next few monthes we will work it a few different ways but our upper body pressing work will be focused around the extract overhead press and full range of motion handstand push ups. We'll dig into these and scale up or down to help develop these skills.  our goal is to set a max weight press. Once you achieve this you are done with the drill. You can descend in reps and ascend in weight or stick with singles and gradually build up. The strict press is not a very dynamic movement but it is a whole body lift. You need to stay extremely tight from your heels and toes all the way through your grip. Initiate with your traps and shoulders then finish with your arms.  When you get stuck or it slows down squeeze the bar, abdomen and butt tighter. It's hard to find impressive feets of pressing on the inter webs as most guys that can press a lot do not have enough range of motion to actually do the movement. Both are impressive. Ring Rows are commonly thought of as a scale for pull ups. This may be true but they are also an invaluable drill to develop shoulder strength and integrity and proper pulling mechanics in all exercises. Learning to pull your elbows back and down will help you get muscle ups ( strict ones that won't rip your arm off) and help in body weight and barbell pressing movements. We will be working them into our strength program but there is never a bad day to do them #alldayeryday. We have a set on the extra credit rig so you can get your scape jacked then do some ring rows WOD- Skiing,rowing and jumprope are so much fun we decided to take them outside. Bonus points,ribbons,popsicles and a t-shirt to the athlete with the best location shot for todays WOD. Here are the rules Check in at Fit Club on FB,#thisisfitclub Get a picture of you doing the WOD or part of it in the park, yes strong people with pick up trucks have a distinct advantage ( this is life) but creative people with creativity,friends,puppies,babies and short shorts also have advantages . Post picture to FB and instagram and tag people in your class. We will review you submissions and announce winners Thursday. Matt Stone is the current leader, your move .