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To master kung fu the training must be severe

Sumo Deadlift -We are beginning a focus on the SDL. For many it will be awkward at first and for some this is going to feel more natural. Regardless stick with it. We don't get into this position very often and developing it will help many other ways. The chair drill  in this video will be helpful in helping develop strength in the position so you can use the full lift more effectivly Box Jumps- There are few things more basic to human performance than simply overcoming gravity and seeing how high you can jump. We will be testing to see how high you can jump now and retesting after developing a few qualities to see how it goes. Max jumps are also a nice low tech way to test for fatigue or overtraining/underrecovering. A lot of things can go into it but if most things (bodyweight, age, etc) are the same and you can't jump as high as you used to it's time to back off. Safety & Standards - I know some people get freaked out with box jumps, but lets not over think it. It's all just a matter of degree a 24-30" box may be intimidating but jumping on a 25# plate isn't. If box jumps are a mental thing for you just start off where you are comfortable and build from their, you can also use the soft box. Still not having it, try broad jumps.  We want to be landing high, with our hips above parallel, not bottomed out or on our toes. For a rep to count we want you to land fully on the box, with hips high. This develops the qualities we are looking for and keeps you out of the danger zone. I know that is NOT what is in the video but that guy is a freak of space and nature. Seriously that is a 300 lb man that can jump over 5 feet in the air and run 20 mph. That means if you tried to run him over with a smart car he could actually jump over it, matrix style, then catch you and flip the car over. WOD-Sprinting, jumping and throwing. Again do not over think this. Run really fast, jump over a kinda tall thing then throw a ball at a target.  You will have to catch your breath after each round ( or go slow the whole time) that's ok but be brief, it will all be over soon.