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2016 CrossFit Games

I hope you enjoyed ( and took advantage of) last weeks reload. This week is going to be a little different. Shellie Edington is competing in her fourth CrossFit Games Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday and you guys are going to be dong some recon and joining in on the fun. She will start the competition Tuesday with the "California Club" we did on Friday. We got a lot of valuable information for your efforts so keep it up. Today we have a few events on tap. The first is "Duece Duece" followed very closely by a 1 rep max squat clean. Later on at the Run WOD we will be doing "Feel the Berm". Shellie will be doing these events on Wednesday. We will continue with CrossFit Games WODs all week. Once we are done with the Masters events we will move on to the team on individual events. Get ready this is your big chance, get your fancy shoes and your WOD uniform on this is your shot to compete with the Big Dogs ( or scale like the rest of humanity) the important this is to give it your all and have some fun.