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12.2, The Arnold and Bonus Points

This past weekend Fit Club was represented very well at the Arnold. Not only was everyone really supportive of each other and we turned in a lot of great performances but you all did the movements correctly. Yes there were a few press outs (legal) but you all looked and acted like athletes. The snatch is not an easy movement, but you did it well and didn’t settle for a second class standard. I can’t say the same for a lot of what I saw from others and I’m all out of snatch jokes so lets just forget what you saw and move on.  I’m pretty sure we will be seeing other technical Olympic lifts (Overhead Squat, Clean & Jerk) so be a responsible athlete and get your ass to Oly lifting Tues,Thurs & Sunday so your ready for the test rather than cramming for it. More on 12.3 coming soon. Resturant Week There are tons of great places to eat in Columbus and after this weekends freak show they are all “trained” in the art of exceptions to the typical menu items and substitutions. I even heard that the world famous Thurmanator was created with the past weekend in mind. How better to fill a hungry belly than with 24 oz of ground beef, bacon, ham and 3 cheeses (hold the bun for me that shit will kill you). Eating out is a great way to connect with friends, relax, have a good time and oh yeah eat (fuel your body). Many times eating out can be a test of your goal to eat healthy and be a responsible athlete. Over the years I have found a few great local resturants that make sticking to the plan easy and delicious.  What follow is a list of my favorite places. They are local, awesome and supportive of our goals and community. 1)   Tasi’ Cafe- This is my favorite place for breakfast but they make great stuff for lunch and dinner. They routinely have Paleo specials but will caveman it up just about anything 2)   Rigsby’s- Great for lunch or dinner. I like the Arctic Char for a paleo option  but don’t ever second guess getting some traditional  (non Paleo) Italian cuisine and following it up with the two person ( 1 me) ice cream dessert, well worth a cheat. 3)   Northstar Café (any location)- They like to throw a lot of rice and tofu in the mix but are open to Paleo adjustments. Go for the Sweet potato hash cooked in olive oil over buter 4)   Market 65- Get your Greens! Awesome local salad spot. Tons of fresh ingredient options and tons of green. The salads are huge and filling- Get some for lunch or early dinner 5)   Milestone 229- This place is shaping up to be one of my favorites. They are right on the river about 2 blocks from the gym. The bar and scenery are great and they get what we are after. Check out the Blackened mahi mahi with collard greens instead of rice. They cook the greens with Tomato butter (boom sauce) get it with out if your strict or take it as is. From now until the end of the challenge you can collect 1 bonus point for each location. Once you go to a location you cannot go back to that location and score more points.  You cannot get a point each time you go to Tasi (Shellie and Ken would crush you) nor can you get a point for multiple Northstar locations. Ex) Friday Pre WOD Paleo Breakfast at Tasi’ – 1 Pt Post WOD Paleo Lunch at Milestone 229-1 pt Sunday Brunch at Tasi’- delicious but no more points Non Paleo Dinner at Rigsbys- delicious but no points Cheat Meal Winner The Executive Cheat Meal Council will be reviewing the Facebook page for quality cheat meal contest entries. Get them posted we will  announce the winner in a few days.